Payment Reminders


You will be required to input your balance due in the online payment form. This balance is available in your monthly invoice sent via email.

You can set up automatic payments with a credit card ($15 monthly fee) or bank account info (free) by filling out our payment authorization form in our office.

You may hand deliver a physical check to our office as an alternative payment option.

Payment is due for the entire month at the beginning of each month. 

Payments received after the 10th of any given month will be assessed at $30 left fee per enrolled child.


Online Payment Portal

Tutoring Rocks is proud to offer affordable tutoring services to all Pre-K and K-12 students in the Greater Sacramento area. With a variety of plans available that are designed to meet your needs and tutoring budget, we vow to have your family covered with an option that works right for you.

At Tutoring Rocks, we’ve made the process of paying for tutoring easier than ever through our online payment portal. No more having to rely on writing checks and sending them off with the little one to carry all day and deliver to their mentor; you can now do everything at home on your desktop or mobile device with just the click of a button.

Visit Our Online Payment Portal >

PaySimple Options

In order to make payments online, just click and visit our third-party payment site for a quick and secure process to sending your tutoring payments. Powered by PaySimple, the online payment portal gives options to send a one-time payment by entering information such as student name, name and address, payment amount, billing address and banking information. You’ll then have the option of creating a user ID and password to save this information for the future to make payments even more of a breeze! The entire process is simple and straightforward, designed to make your life easier as you manage your monthly bills.

Afraid that you might lose track of your monthly bill and lapse in payment?

Don’t worry about it! When you sign up for tutoring services, we will receive and enter your email into our automated system that sends out payment reminders each month. The reminder will contain the balance for the month, which you must then input manually into the online payment portal. Always be sure to check your monthly reminder to ensure that the amount entered matches what is owed to Tutoring Rocks for our tutoring services.

Setting up Online Payments

Paying is free and easy when you link your bank account through our online PaySimple portal! Once you have your routing and bank account number entered into the secure portal, you can opt to have this information saved for future payments. You may also elect to make your payment via credit card (which does incur a $15 fee). When you opt to fill out the payment authorization form in our office, you can have your monthly payments be set up to recur so that you don’t have to worry about it at all! Your students will be on the path to academic stardom in a worry-free way.

If you would rather skip the online payment process, we’ve got you covered!

We will gladly accept a physical check at our offices in El Dorado Hills as an alternate payment method for your convenience. Payments for tutoring services for the entire month are due at the beginning of each month. Should something happen and you fall behind on your payment past the 10th day of the month, there will be a $30 fee assessed to the payment per enrolled student.