Ready to join the family? Learn more about our open positions at Tutoring Rocks along with responsibilities and qualifications for the job!
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Hiring Folsom and El Dorado Hills Tutors


Tutoring Rocks has been voted the top tutoring company in El Dorado Hills and Folsom four years in a row! We are a tight-knit group of tutors working together towards a common goal: to help students become their best. As individuals, our tutors are passionate, well-educated, and uniquely skilled. We recognize, though, that we are capable of making the biggest difference as a team. We believe our approach gives our students the greatest potential to thrive.


Able to assess the student strengths and opportunities.

Promote high standards for academic success and behavior and continually encourage students to meet them.

Establish a friendly, encouraging and welcoming environment for students. 

Provide parents with session recaps to highlight student progress and areas to be improved.


Available to work 14 hours minimum per week.

3.0 or higher cumulative college GPA.

Proficient in subject area(s) you are teaching.

Passion and excitement for the subject being taught.

Personal accountability and reliability to your students.

Able to work through the end of the current school year. 




Tutoring Rocks cares deeply about cultivating a strong team of mentors and tutors to best serve the Greater Sacramento area, and you could become the next member of our award-winning staff! For four years in a row, Tutoring Rocks has been voted the top tutoring organization in both Folsom and El Dorado Hills. Our mentoring staff work together like a family, sharing in the development of study skills programs and tutoring plans, working together with student questions and generally assisting one another in managing successful tutoring outcomes for our students. We all share a common goal: helping students become their absolute best on the path to reaching their potential.


Our tutoring team is uniquely skilled, with each member bringing their own level of expertise and experience to the table when assisting students. While we often work on an individual basis with students, we often collaborate on problems and function as a team in the development of tutoring programs, as well as working together in outside functions on behalf of the community.


If you’re interested in becoming a tutor and joining the Tutoring Rocks family here in the Sacramento, El Dorado Hills or Folsom areas, please feel free to reach out and apply! The typical responsibilities for a tutor include working with students to assess their strengths and areas for potential growth, all while subsequently promoting a high level of academic achievement for students to hit. We want our mentors to establish a friendly, welcoming environment for students that they’ll want to be a part of in an afterschool setting. You should also expect to work directly with parents while informing of areas for improvement, as well as highlighting success during the tutoring sessions.


Further qualifications include holding a 3.0 or higher cumulative college GPA, proficiency in subject area, availability to work at least fourteen hours a week through the end of the school year, and a general excitement and accountability when working with students.


Should this sound like a role you’re ready to take, apply now for a position with our team!