Welcome to the family. Meet our team of dedicated tutors with strong academic backgrounds and a deep-rooted fire for learning.
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Our Team

Diverse scholastic backgrounds and varied teaching styles… because every student deserves the perfect fit.


Our team of academic mentors was built with intention. Each member was hand selected to create just the right mix of skill sets and passions. While we pride ourselves in our differences, all of our tutors are alike in that they have strong academic backgrounds and a deep-rooted fire for learning.



We’ve made it our mission to create a family atmosphere here at Tutoring Rocks. We know this sets us apart. As academic mentors, we care deeply about our students and each other. While we work with our students as individuals, we support our students as a team. We understand the value of collaboration, and we’re proud to use one another as resources. By working collectively, TR becomes an environment where students have the most potential to thrive.






When putting together our team of academic mentors as part of our tutoring service programs, we knew from the start that we needed a team that represented the diverse base of knowledge and backgrounds that are reflected in the communities that we serve in the Greater Sacramento area. While it may have been easier to simply ask for credentials like SAT and ACT scores, we wanted our team to represent something greater than just a set of numbers. That’s why the Tutoring Rocks administrative and mentor team functions at such a high level; we pride ourselves on being well-rounded individuals that operate as a singular entity, much as we hope for our students to become well-versed in all outlets of their education.


With that said, knowledge is absolutely key. In the Tutoring Rocks team, you’ll find a powerful knowledge base that has all of the standardized exam and academic credentials you would hope for in a dynamic, skilled tutor. Our mentors are passionate about their subjects and have years of experience successfully studying the in’s and out’s of what they care about most. Whether it be U.S. history or biology, we have a tutor on staff that is ready to help your child succeed to their highest potential. Our administrators will further work with you to pair you with the right tutor and schedule that works best for your student.


We also recognize that so much of tutoring is about more than just what you know about your subject. You have to be personable and able to connect with students, particularly in situations where tutoring comes at the end of an already long day spent in the classroom. Our tutors and administrative team combine their passion for education with wonderful and welcoming personalities, all of which blends together to make the tutoring experience both fruitful and enjoyable for your student. Explore the Tutoring Rocks team and find mentors and administrators that will put their all into helping your child achieve their academic goals and learn skills for life.