Leadership Team

It’s a privilege to serve you


An active leadership team that understands the realities that our students and families face on a daily basis gives us an edge in helping our communities. This plays a pivotal role behind the scenes and during our time working directly with each of you.


Families benefit from our daily collaboration with tutors. The core of our discussion revolves around creating unique approaches for each student, monitoring progress, and finding ways to participate in communities we serve. Ultimately, it is our goal to help students become their best!

A Legacy of Leadership and Real-world Experience


With years of experience under their belts, our leadership team is well-versed with the ins and outs of the the local schools we serve. On an academic level, we understand the classes, teachers, types of projects and assignments, testing expectations, and the learning tracks that students interact with on a daily basis. On a personal level, we understand the demands and pressures of student life. Everything from campus pressures to things going on in their personal lives. Fusing our knowledge of academic and interpersonal journeys, we’ve got what we like to call a highly sophisticated group of mentors that wake up excited to serve kids, their families and our communities each day!


Each individual on our leadership team has their own, unique relationship with the communities they serve. Our CEO, Chris Koch, grew up in Folsom, started as a private school student and eventually graduated from Folsom Middle School and Folsom High School. Sheeva Koch, our founder and COO grew up in El Dorado Hills, and after graduating from Oak Ridge High School, returned to become a teacher and department chair for a decade. This level of knowledge and deep relationship with the community cultivates in a deep care for more than just each student and family, but ensuring our communities remain incredible places for all of us to live.