Middle School Tutoring

Virtually providing skills and support to tackle the new challenges that come with new territory.


Let’s face it: middle school can be rough.  On top of all the social and personal changes that are inevitable during these years, students undergo a major academic transition.  In a time where organization can become a nightmare, missing assignments can easily go unnoticed, and classes can be truly challenging, we at Tutoring Rocks can be an anchor.  Our goal is to provide a source of support, guidance, and consistency to help students navigate confidently through new territory.  From building task lists and cleaning backpacks to checking grades and developing study skills, our goal is to provide steadfast overall support.  We focus on creating confident students with the skills they need to become self-directed learners.


Helping our middle schoolers with all subjects and needs! 

social studies


Regardless of your needs, we’ve got you covered. 

We know that being truly successful in school is more complicated than turning in assignments and passing tests. This is why we’ve developed a program to help students get a firm grip on their classes from all angles. From task building and organizing to homework help and subject-specific instruction, TR All-Around Management is designed to help students over every potential stumbling block. This option is available to students who meet with our team two or more days per week. Their time with us will be tailored to their specific needs, and the following are many of our common areas of support:

Weekly Organizing
Online Grade Checks
Weekly Task Planning
Makeup-Work Task Lists
Homework Assistance
Subject-Specific Instruction
Study-Skills Development
Test Preparation



Middle school can be a trying time for students

Middle school can be a trying time for students. The training wheels of elementary school are taken off, and brand new freedoms are introduced for the very first time. Social events enter the picture, extracurriculars become more prominent and education shifts into subject-specific coursework that lays the foundation for a student’s future in high school and beyond.

Suddenly grades become much more important

Often times students can face significant challenges from the increased academic rigor that middle school provides. Suddenly grades become much more important, both in individual and relative terms, and academic standing affects placement in higher level classes down the line. At the same time, kids still just want to be kids. Striking a balance and supporting students with a degree of stability in this time of great change is of the utmost important, and that’s where the Tutoring Rocks middle school tutoring program comes in.

giving students the chance to catch up

We’ve proudly made it our mission to deliver a positive academic force outside of a child’s traditional institutional framework, giving students the chance to catch up, work ahead, and better understand and synthesize their learning in an environment more suited to their needs. Our middle school tutoring focuses on academic strategies that will work not just for this week’s quiz, but for years to come as students grow on their educational journey.

lasting fundamentals as students shift to middle school education

We’ve found that support in the area of organization can ensure these lasting fundamentals as students shift to middle school education. From simple skills like learning how to make proper task lists, setting achievable goals, keeping an agenda, or just learning how to keep a clean and organized binder, we provide tutoring for middle school students that lays the foundation for a successful educational and professional future. We also focus on study skills and understanding how to prepare for and take exams, with strategies that will aim to ease the pressure of high stakes testing. The ultimate goal for our middle school tutoring is to shape students into confident, self-determined scholars that can both set and conquer their academic goals.