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Tutoring Rocks is tutoring Sacramento with a goal of helping every student become their best! We look forward to our family helping yours.
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No matter what changes the school year may bring, our award winning team is committed to our community and its families. 


We will help you plan your life as a college-bound high schooler every step of the way. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in reaching your perfect college.


One-of-a-kind mentors for one-of-a-kind students.


Our award-winning team is here to help you where you need it most, regardless of your learning platform this year.


    Tailored Teaching. Real Relationships.

    Your student is unique… so is our approach.

    We at Tutoring Rocks make it a priority to tailor our methods to each student. We recognize that every student is unique with individual needs and original ways of learning and thinking. We embrace these differences, aiming to develop personal relationships extending beyond the classroom. We believe our personalized approach is what sets us apart and fires our passion for encouraging our students to be their best. And while our foundation is undoubtedly rooted in solid academics, our mentors are fueled each day by their love for students and driven by their desire to make learning exciting. We’re grateful for your consideration of our Tutoring Rocks family and we hope to meet you soon!


    Chris & Sheeva Koch, Owners



    Daily Assistant

    College Planning



      El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Sacramento Tutoring


      Are you ready for your child to take the next step towards academic success? We’re glad to tell you that you’ve come to the right place! Here at Tutoring Rocks, we’ve made it our mission to work today in developing students along their journey to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. Our tutoring company has a passion for education, for assisting students with discovering their own academic curiosities and providing an alternative resource that will enhance the typical school day.


      Unlike other services that may answer to elaborate corporatized structures with little understanding of the community that they serve, we’re headquartered right here in El Dorado Hills, and our staff are fixtures in the community that they work with to educate and strengthen. Founding Tutoring Rocks with Sheeva Koch right here in the Greater Sacramento Area in 2008, Chris Koch knows exactly what it takes to succeed in the local school systems, having been a local high school graduate himself before going on to study business at California State University, Sacramento. The entire staff of administrators and mentors work closely with the community to understand the in’s and out’s of how the local school system operates, giving them an edge in understanding the needs of the students that they work with.


      We offer a variety of services to students needing tutoring in the Sacramento area. We work with all students from K-12. Our mentors can tutor science, social studies, language arts and mathematics in all ranges of subjects, from biology to American history and everything in between. We can also cater to a variety of learner types, including those that need a bit more help in catching up with a particular subject, as well as students that are looking to ace their AP exam for college credit. Furthermore, we offer study skills and development tutoring sessions for students that need assistance adjusting to the demands of education, courses that we find better prepare students not just to succeed in school, but to carry that success onward into the real world.


      Our tutoring system revolves around a concept of alternative settings and environments. Rather than meeting on a campus in a classroom, we feel as though the best way to augment student learning is by switching things up and giving the brain a bit of a breather. After seven to eight hours spent in the classroom, students show an increased response when they’re working in a more social setting, such as a coffee house, where their mind can reset and shift out of autopilot. Our tutors are each skilled in their area of emphasis, with not just the necessary knowledge to lead sessions, but a genuine passion for the subjects that they work with.


      Our tutoring services are namely in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Sacramento. If you would like more information about whether or not you’re in a location to receive our services and how the process works, please feel free to reach out and learn more on how to get started with a tremendous Sacramento tutoring program that will serve as a positive impact on your student’s academic career!