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Excellent programs for the many needs of K-12 students during the summer.


While the school year may come to an end, learning never stops! You can enjoy the break from your heavy homework load, but summer is NOT a time to let your brain go into hibernation.  Instead, we at Tutoring Rocks believe it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on difficult concepts, to study ahead for next year, and to explore new ways of studying. Because of this, we provide plenty of options during the summer to suit your goals and your interests. Whether you’re enrolled in summer school and need help with specific subjects, you want to feel ultra prepared for the upcoming school year, or you simply want your mind to stay sharp, we’re here to help.


Three camps to choose from: July 29-31 (M-W) August 4-6 (S-Tu), or August 7-9 (M-WF)

Small groups of students learning new skills together.

Reserve a week in your summer schedule for the Tutoring Rocks Study Skills Camp! Run by TR Administrators, this camp is the perfect destination for students looking to bulk up their academic tool bags. We use the intimacy of small, closely aged groups to create a fun, collaborative environment fit for learning. Expect to come away from the week with valuable skills in the following:

Studying • Test Taking • Time Management • Note Taking • Goal Setting • Memory Tricks


Keep your mind sharp during the summer!
JUNE 18 – JULY 26

Utilize your time away from the classroom in our six week summer program to focus on one or more of our summer directions. You will walk away feeling confident as you enter the first day of school.


It feels good to get ahead. Getting a grasp on a course’s material before even entering the classroom gives students their greatest chance for maximum success.  We believe that working ahead sets students up for deep understanding of core concepts and, in turn, results in healthy pride in self accomplishment.


 Strong fundamentals are key to understanding the toughest concepts in school. We recognize that summer can be just the right opportunity to build a strong foundation for those subjects that may be causing you to struggle.  Spend some one-on-one time with one of our academic mentors to get prepared and feel confident as you enter the next school year.

Course Related

 Attention all you summer schoolers out there!  We at Tutoring Rocks are here for you all year long.  We have the most passionate, qualified academic mentors ready to help you with any and all subjects.  We’re here to help you do your absolute best  in your summer classes.


AUGUST 1-2, 2pm-6pm each day (18 students max)
Want to feel confident entering chemistry?

Experience a proper introduction to chemistry for the perfect dose of confidence walking into the classroom the first day of school. This course gives you an opportunity to come together with your peers at the end of the summer to learn some of the major chemistry concepts. You will walk away from the Chemistry Prep Course with your guard of intimidation down and your head held high…just what you need as you enter the first day of school.