Our Team of Mentors

Meet the diverse team of talented mentors

Tutoring Rocks mentors each have their own range of special interests and academic subjects. This means that when you meet and decide on a tutoring program, you’ll be matched with a mentor that has both a deep passion for and knowledge of the subject content for which your child is receiving help.


We are highly selective with who we hire to represent Tutoring Rocks, bringing students the best of the best to help them with their education needs. We also have a strong preference in mentors that are familiar with the community they’ll be working in, as we’ve found that leads to greater success for students in the program. Rest assured, when you opt for Tutoring Rocks, your student will be working with a mentor team that places student success above all else.

Our Mentors

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English/History, French, High School, K-5, Math, Middle School, Science, Spanish


Our Dedication to Hiring Quality Academic Mentors


No organization can function without a quality team, and thus Tutoring Rocks has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and resources into compiling a roster of highly qualified, incredibly personable mentors to work with our students. We believe that the key to academic success derives from a range of variables, and that while subject knowledge is incredibly important, that alone won’t get the job done. We’ve looked at every variable imaginable in crafting our mentor team, from success on standardized exams to personality characteristics, outreach in the community and passion for education, all of which help make for the perfect tutor.


Our mentoring team is comprised of a variety of tutors from a multitude of backgrounds. We have many tutors that have experience as students in the very same school districts that our students attend, helping to bridge the gap with a degree of understanding between mentor and student. Our tutors all value having a positive presence in the Greater Sacramento learning community, wanting to make the area a better place for students to succeed and go on to accomplish great feats.