Tutor in El Dorado Hills

Tutoring Rocks named 2015-2021 Reader’s Choice Tutoring Company of the Year!

While every community we serve is valued and loved, as the birthplace of Tutoring Rocks, El Dorado Hills holds an extra special place in our hearts. It all started back in 2008 when Chris and Sheeva Koch put their passion for serving youth in education into action by creating a small tutoring business. They could have never predicted the incredible welcome that would be offered to them by the El Dorado Hills community. As Tutoring Rocks, we’ve since been defined by whom we’ve become in El Dorado Hills, and we couldn’t be more honored by that fact.


We believe that how we spend our time and resources reflects what we value. In this treasured community, we’ve chosen to invest ourselves in the following:


Weekly trash cleanups

ORHS activities

Teacher appreciation lunches


ORHS VAPA & athletic programs

K-8 campus events

Local non-profit events

Free Tutoring

Seasonal on-campus programs

Finals preparation events

Service scholarships




Tutoring Rocks has spent the last decade plus establishing ourselves as an educational pillar in the Great Sacramento area, serving the students of locations like Sacramento, Folsom and El Dorado Hills throughout this time in our effort to leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in the community. With that said, El Dorado Hills is always going to be of great significance to our organization, known to us and the community as the place where it all started.


Back in 2008, Chris and Sheeva Koch saw a pressing need in the El Dorado Hills community for tutoring services that would enhance the education of students and give them the boost they need to succeed in their K-12 education. They understand the necessity for a quality education as a primer for success in life, and so they started the small tutoring business in El Dorado Hills that you know as Tutoring Rocks.


In the time that has transpired since 2008, we’ve extended our tutoring services to all of El Dorado Hills and beyond, becoming a fixture in our community both inside and outside of the classroom. The El Dorado Hills learning community has welcomed us with open arms, and because of that, we’ve felt truly honored to be a part of a number of local events, such as being able to volunteer for ORHS dances and athletic events. We also proudly sponsor local events, such as ORHS drama productions and athletic events, as well as many local non-profit fundraising events.


On top of all of that, we extend our tutoring services in El Dorado Hills for free via on-campus tutoring for ORHS student-athletes, as well as free finals prep programs for all high school students. Those are just a few ways we feel as though we can give back to the community that has embraced our mission, and we aim to provide tutoring services and SAT prep to El Dorado Hills for years to come.