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Why Choose TR College Planning?

College Planning is so much more than just getting into colleges. To us, it’s about making sure that you’re getting into colleges that are the right fit for you. Our college planners accomplish that by forming meaningful relationships with the families in our program. Each step in our complete college planning program is designed to help us understand which colleges are the right fit for you, and to help you tailor your application materials to those colleges specifically.

Forming personal relationships is central to our model for success in college planning. We work closely with families in our program to guide them through each step in the college planning process. By joining TR, you gain a team of trusted advisors to help you through the ins and outs of preparing for college wherever you’re at as a student.

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We include everything you need to achieve your top college admission goals:

Semesterly Consultations with One of our College Planners

We’ll help you to ensure that you’re meeting college admissions expectations by picking the most impactful coursework and by assisting you in seeking out extracurricular opportunities that will ‘wow’ the admissions professionals reviewing your application documents.

Career and Major Exploration

Unsure of where your professional pathway should start upon entering college? Our team of advisors uses a variety of tools to spark conversation around career and major pathways. Most importantly, there’s no rush – we’ll spend as much time as you need to explore the options that interest you. These decisions don’t come easily for most of us, and we want you to feel confident and excited about the path you’ll be on when you start college. Some of the steps involved in this process include generating a list of careers that fit your students’ interests and match their strengths, consultation on picking out careers that are exciting to your student, and then providing them with a list of majors that traditionally open up doors to those careers to explore and choose from.

College Criteria Review

  • Every college has unique features and offerings. Do you want to go to a large school or a small one? Are you more excited about living in a rural area or a more urban one? Have you considered the importance of having access to local activities while you attend school, or access to support systems specific to your needs? We have created our own sets of questions and tools from our years of working with families to guide you in the process of understanding and unearthing the criteria that ultimately matter the most to you. At the end of this step, you’ll fill out our college criteria questionnaire to dial in your expectations around the colleges you’ll end up applying to during application season.

College List Curation

There are over 3,600 colleges in the United States – let us do the first part of the work for you in sorting through those options. In accordance with your college criteria questionnaire, your college counselor will curate an initial list of 20 to 30 colleges for your family to explore. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to refine that list even further. After all is said and done, we’ll write up a summary list including all the pertinent information you’ll need for each of your college applications that is guaranteed to simplify your application season so that you can focus on classes and extracurriculars.

Deadlines Calendar

Receive a personalized digital calendar to guide you through the application season. With this document, you’ll know everything you need to know to get through your busiest school season yet, including: important application deadlines and policies, required supplemental documents, up to date testing policies, and strategies to help reduce the overall application workload.

College Application Essay Support

Application essays are one of your best opportunities to come alive in front of the admissions professionals reviewing your application – the wrong essay can also be extremely detrimental to your chances at admissions. Our full college planning program includes help with essay drafting, editing, and guidance for all college applications. That typically means the Common Application Essay, Coalition Application Essay, UC Essays, and any other supplemental college essays. Our experts provide quick and efficient feedback, with a 24-48 turnaround time for essay-related action items. We specialize in helping to create continuity between all of your application documents.

College Application Support

Receive step-by-step guidance on how to complete your Common Application, Coalition Application, UC Apps, and any other supplemental applications. We’ll guide you on how to best complete your applications and provide answers to your questions about the applications as they arise. This also includes feedback on entries for short-response questions about activities and extracurricular involvement and a final application review.

Year-round Access to Our Expertise

Sign up as early as you like at no additional cost and have access to our college planning expertise year-round. We’ll help you from day one, through the moment you decide between which college to accept admissions to. If you’re wondering when the best time to start is, it’s now! The earlier you start, the more opportunities you have to work with our professionals and to prepare the strongest application that you can. While families often join our program as early as the 8th grade, we admit students into our program as late as junior year of high school (space-permitting).

Add-ons and Essay-only Support

SAT/ACT Prep available as an add on!

  • Individual and Group prep course to help you maximize your SAT/ACT test scores
  • Individual subject area review and test strategy guidance

Essay-Only Support Available!

Not looking for a complete program package? We also offer essay-only support for the UC Application Essays, Coalition Essay, and Common Application Essay.

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