Tutor in Granite Bay

Granite Bay’s local one-stop shop for every K-12 academic need!

Our award winning staff here at Tutoring Rocks has been working with students and families in Granite Bay since we opened our flagship location in 2008. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to serve these families not just in Granite Bay, but in Roseville, Loomis, and the surrounding areas. And while every student’s journey is as unique as our town, we know exactly what it takes to bolster academic confidence inside and outside of the classroom.


We believe that how we spend our time and resources reflects what we value. In this treasured community, we’ve chosen to invest ourselves in the following:


Local trail  trash cleanups


Local school athletic & VAPA departments

Invite us to sponsor school events!


Finals preparation events

Service scholarships


More Facts



Tutoring Rocks has spent the last decade plus establishing ourselves as an educational pillar in the communities we serve like Granite Bay, CA. Serving the students throughout this time in our effort to leave a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in the community. With that said, Granite Bay, CA will always be of great significance to our organization. Chris and Sheeva Koch started the company in 2008 and begin tutoring students here in Granite Bay at that time providing elementary school tutoring, middle school tutoring, high school math tutoring, high school science tutoring and fulfilling high school tutoring needs for many other subjects.


We have always seen a pressing need in the all the communities we serve, including Granite Bay, for tutoring services that would enhance the education of students and give them the boost they need to succeed in their K-12 education. We understand the necessity for a quality education as a primer for success in life, and started this small tutoring company you have come to know as Tutoring Rocks.


Since we began, we’ve extended our tutoring services many communities, and desire to be a fixture in every community we serve inside and outside of the classroom. The Granite Bay learning community has welcomed us with open arms. We look forward to participating in local events, helping students and families in need, playing a small role in helping boost student confidence, and simply look forward to seeing everyone in town whether it’s in the grocery store, at an event, or walking through our neighborhoods.