Elementary School Tutoring

Making school fun beyond recess!

We realize that students in elementary school can have a hard time focusing for an extended period of time. To help kids of all attention spans, K-5 Academy offers both 30-minute and one-hour sessions to families. As Tutoring Rocks’ most cost-effective program, Academy aims to make this quality individual time available to as many students as possible.  Students go home after each session  with a follow-up checklist to ensure that mentors, students, and parents are always on the same page. We use interactive, engaging tutoring styles to keep young minds tuned in and ready to learn. We believe that kids should feel confident walking into the classroom each day. K-5 Academy’s goal is to help kids accomplish this by becoming their very best from the start.

Where young students…

CheckboxLearn at their own pace.

CheckboxGet focused, one-on-one teaching.

CheckboxFeel safe to make mistakes.

CheckboxBuild confidence in themselves.

CheckboxDiscover that learning is fun.




The early days of education are perhaps the most critical in a student’s academic career. Developing the necessary foundational skills to succeed as a student makes their way through the K-12 system is an absolute must, but just as important is encouraging the freedom for children to explore their learning interests and feel comfortable asking meaningful questions that push their own thinking further. Working through the distractions in the ordinary classroom and providing children with a space to call their own are just two of the guiding principles that Tutoring Rocks builds our elementary school mentoring programs on.


At our established K-5 Academy, we provide students an elementary school tutor that will set them up to succeed. Our tutors aren’t just there to help students collect content knowledge; they also serve as mentors and guides in the world of education, granting children a safe space to explore their academic ideas as the begin their journey in schooling. Of the utmost importance is ensuring that students obtain quality one-on-one time with their mentor, a major advantage to traditional school systems in which teachers simply do not have the resources available to provide that same level of attention on a daily basis.


We work to assist in the adjustment to elementary school by providing tiered class lengths (30 or 60 minutes) for children of differing needs so that they may get the most out of their session. Our K-5 Academy provides a cost-effective way to lock in high quality elementary school tutoring time for your student. Our elementary school tutors work together with parents and students, providing checklists and follow-up tasks for students to take home and work on prior to the next session, maintaining transparency and support with parents to best guarantee a positive educational experience for the student. Our interactive and engaging tutoring styles will maintain attention while boosting students’ confidence as they aim to achieve their academic goals.