Subject Tutoring

A helping hand for the many needs of all K-12 students.


Upon enrollment, each student is matched with a personal mentor. Meeting at least one hour per week with their mentor, students receive a set weekly schedule including time and location. We hold our sessions in coffee shops. We believe that meeting in this type of friendly, relaxed environment allows students to feel more open to learning and excited about the process. Mentors then wrap up every meeting by sending kids home with a brief recap of what was covered in the session as well as a written task list.


Supporting you in the most rigorous subject areas


Developing tools to maximize school success for years


Building confidence from the start to mold a great future


Explore and grow intellectually and socially.




Getting a Helping Hand

There’s nothing wrong with getting a helping hand as your student embarks on their journey through K-12 education. Sometimes the classroom environment just isn’t conducive for the type of learner that your child is. Sometimes an exam looms ahead that could use some extra focus to jump or maintain a grade. And sometimes, we all meet a wall with a subject and need someone to give us a ladder to climb ourselves up and over.

Tackle Learning from a Variety of Perspectives

Tutoring Rocks is here to provide an assist as students look to turn the corner and achieve academic success. Our tutoring services are suited to tackle learning from a variety of perspectives dependent on the needs of the learner. From crushing exam content to establishing a more holistic view of lifetime learning, our approach is tailor-made and tweaked to the specifications of the child.

Students are matched with personal tutors based on a variety of parameters.

Upon enrollment, students are matched with personal tutors based on a variety of parameters, ranging from scheduling needs to content proficiencies, with an eye on locking in a match that will work for the whole term. Students will meet at least one hour per week with their tutor; the amount of time and subject focused on depend upon our tutoring strategy.

Flexible Approach to Location

We’ve situated our tutoring service around a flexible approach to location. Rather than sitting in another classroom after a full week at school, we prefer instead to hold tutoring sessions in locations like local coffee shops, providing weekly schedules in advance. This alternative environment gives students a change of pace and makes the tutoring service experience ultimately more productive. Upon the completion of a session, tutors recap what was covered and provide feedback going forward for the student to focus on prior to the next meeting.

Our renewed tutoring service provides students with just the edge they need to make a leap in their academic performance and get more out of their classroom learning.